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Market Our Non-Attorney Services

  • Member Websites Available
  • Sale Reversal & Eviction Delay
  • Pro-Se Bankruptcy Lawsuits
  • Residential Mortgage Audits
  • Commercial Mortgage Audits
  • Available Commercial Audit Free Lead Strategy
  • Commissions Sent On Fridays
  • Non-Audit Services Price Range from $700/mo to $1,000/mo
  • Residential Audit Price Range from $345.00 to $875.00
  • Commercial Audit Price Range from $2,500.00 to $7,500.00
  • QuickBooks Business Services Range from $100.00/mo to $1,500.00/mo

  • Also, You Can:

  • Learn How To Help Others In Financial Distress
  • Learn How To Use The Power Of Loan Audits
  • Get Free Software Downloads
  • Learn How To Cancel Mortgages And/Or Stop Foreclosure
  • Earn Thousands of Dollars Selling Software
  • Repair Your Credit For FREE
  • Build a Team That Pays You Monthly
  • Get FREE Landing Pages
  • Learn What it Means to be a BOSSTM

Here are all 4 of Our Professional Non-Attorney Services Below.

(Reversal Auction Sales, Delay Eviction & Settlements)

(Help Others Sue Their Lender While In BK)

(ABSNet Searches, Securitization, & Forensic Audits)

(Commercial Loan Audits)


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